How to manually remove a program from the "add or remove programs" list

Can’t remove one or more programs from the list of “Uninstall Programs”?
But it’s already has been uninstalled or you have deleted the files manually!

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It seems that the program has been glued with your windows? Hahaha … don’t be so worried…

You have to do some tricks with your windows registry editor.
Try to follow these steps…
1: press your 'windows key' along with ‘R’ in the keyboard to open the ‘run’ menu (windows 7/8). Or you can go to search menu (charm menu 'windows key+C') in windows 8
2: now type “regedit” to find (search)/ start (run) a program named "regedit.exe".

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3: now after opening the registry editor go to:
You will find something like below:

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4: when you click on any item (it’s called ‘key’) under uninstall you will see some strange names and types in the right panel. When you double click on the name “Display Name”, you will see the name of this program as in the box “Value data”. If it’s the program you were looking for then go to next step. If it’s not the program you were looking for then try the next item under uninstall. When you find your desired program then go to the next step.
5: now close the edit string dialogue. Right click on the key (as here ‘{13417784-A359-3CDD-8DE1-B7108707D647}’) and delete it.
6: now close the registry editor and go to your programs’ list in control panel. You will no longer see that annoying application on the list.

***Very important:
(For some safety reasons in case you are not familiar with this registry editor)
Before the step 4 >>
Just right click on the folder/item/key “uninstall” and then click on export then in your desktop, save this file with any name just as uninstall.reg.

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It’s called the “backup of registry keys”.
If there are some problems you find after doing all the steps, you can just roll back to your previous state using this backed up registry file.
To do it>> just double click the registry file and click ‘yes’. Nothing else.

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