How to make bootable usb windows 7 or windows 8 installation disk

Your notebook has no DVD rom? Or don’t wanna carry a windows installation disk rather than a very small pen-drive in your pocket?
Here is a very simply solution
You need no third party software or anything but you need:
                A windows 7 DVD disk, a 4 GB or larger pen-drive.

Follow the steps below carefully:

1: insert your DVD and pen-drive into your computer.

2: go to “my computer” and just memorize the drive letter of your DVD and pen-drive.

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(Suppose your pen-drive is D: drive and DVD is R: drive)

3: open command prompt as an administrator.

4: write DISKPART and press enter (remember, in command prompt, capitalization is not so important. So DISKPART is same as diskpart)

5: write LIST DISK and press enter.

Try to figure out which one is your pen-drive (the total size is one of the signs).

Suppose your pen-drive is in disk 2.

(You can also take help from disk manager)

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6: write SELECT DISK 2 (because here its disk 2, change it as yours) and press enter.

7: write CLEAN and press enter.

8: write CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY and press enter.

9: write SELECT PARTITION 1 and press enter. (This partition 1 is not your computer’s partition, it’s the partition of your pen-drive you created in step 8)

10: write ACTIVE and press enter.

11: write FORMAT FS=NTFS and press enter.

It will take a time to format.

12: write ASSIGN and press enter.

13: write EXIT and press enter.

(Now try to remember in step 2 you memorized your pen-drive letter was D and DVD disk’s letter was R. it can also be changed automatically during the formatting this may be happened.)

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So if it isn’t happened proceed to next step. If it happened, then just in step 14 change the drive letter from D: to G: … nothing else.

14: write R:/BOOT/BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 D: press enter. (or change the target drive letter as your need)

(It will make your pen-drive)

15 and final step: copy everything from the DVD drive to your pen-drive.

(One way for this is to select all the files from DVD folder and drag them to your pen-drive’s drive)

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It will take few minutes to copy the files.

Here is the screenshot of the command prompt during this process in my pc.

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Now all things have been done!

You can now use your pen-drive to install a clean windows 7.

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