how to boost your computer or make your computer faster

When you turn your computer on, it starts up with some background program/services. So your computer become slower if you have not much ram or although you have enough ram.

There are many ways to make your computer faster and stop the services/background applications.

1.Open your notepad and type:
freemem= (64000000)

How to Fix the Speech Recognition "Language Configuration is Not Supported" Error

sometimes it shows "Language Configuration is Not Supported" when you try to start speech can fix this problem in a few different ways listed bellow.

solution 1:
It's the final solution..
add "ctfmon.exe to run at startup"
click here to download it named "Run_ctfmon_at_Startup.reg"

how to download android application or apk files with google chrome

Now a days android has been the most used mobile/tablet operating system in the world. Millions of applications are being developed all over the world. If you are using an android phone and your mobile operator or wi-fi provider doesn't give you enough facility to download applications from internet, you can download all apk files from the google play store following the steps below.
you need: 
google chrome browser & an extension for google chrome browser named 'apk file downloader'. (you can download it from here )

follow the steps below.

adobe acrobat pro 11 activator (200% working and easy)

Adobe Acrobat is a crying need for any kind of official purposes and Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 is the latest version available now.
I hope this activation guide will let you get your copy totally worry free and free from annoying.
It's a simple step by step tutorial and for this you don't need to be expert in computer.
Please read the instruction first.

1. Download and install Adobe Acrobat pro 11 activator from the link below.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 activator (200% working and easy to use)

I hope this is the end of the waiting. About one year has been passed since Microsoft Office 2013 has been launched. Many of us has not yet tasted it because of the limitation of activation technology.
Here is the working activator for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013
It is totally free and working, guaranteeing 200%.
(if the file is not banned by Google drive!!!)

click here to download

No need to do anything, just install it and enjoy!!!

If any problem downloading the file, see image below.

how to check errors or disable error checking using disk check

    If you are an advanced user of windows computer then you are familiar with windows error checking or disk check. You may need to use this function sometimes.
    In other case, if you are new to windows and disk check is annoying you during the startup, you might want to get rid of it.
    This article is really helpful to you if you want to use disk check or stop error checking.
    Just follow the steps bellow

How to add a program to the list of default programs in the control panel

Can’t find one or more of your programs in the list of default programs in the control panel?

 For that you can't run your favorite file types with the program?
The image below contains all the programs those can be made default but there is not your program listed?

How to make bootable usb windows 7 or windows 8 installation disk

Your notebook has no DVD rom? Or don’t wanna carry a windows installation disk rather than a very small pen-drive in your pocket?
Here is a very simply solution
You need no third party software or anything but you need:
                A windows 7 DVD disk, a 4 GB or larger pen-drive.

How to change Log on screen or Lock screen or Log off screen

If you want to change the Log on or Log off screen or Lock screen of your computer as your wish, you need to follow the steps below.

1. Editing the registry
go to start and then type in the search box "regedit" and hit "Enter". If you see the prompt of "user account control" then click "yes"

How to remove or hide "labels" from your blogger posts

In each post of your blog there are a thing/widget just in the downside of each posts just like:
"Labels: how to, technology, blog editing, downloads"
If this thing annoys you and you want to remove it from your blog,you should consider the following steps:

1.Go to your blog, then template, then go to edit HTML.

How to remove "powered by blogger" or "attribution widget" from your blog

Your blog(old/new interface) contains following attribute/gadget/widget when you create a new blog.
It is shown just at the end of your blog. Like this:

simple template  (your template name) powered by blogger

If this thing annoys you and you want to remove it from your blog,you should consider the following steps.

How to manually remove a program from the "add or remove programs" list

Can’t remove one or more programs from the list of “Uninstall Programs”?
But it’s already has been uninstalled or you have deleted the files manually!