how to boost your computer or make your computer faster

When you turn your computer on, it starts up with some background program/services. So your computer become slower if you have not much ram or although you have enough ram.

There are many ways to make your computer faster and stop the services/background applications.

1.Open your notepad and type:
freemem= (64000000)

Save it as ramcleaner.vbs (or anything.vbs)

Now you're ready.double click(open) it at any time and it will free up your ram space!

2.Open your notepad and type:

Save it as rambooster.vbs(or anything.vbs)

Now you're ready.double click(open) it at any time and it will free up your ram space!

3.Use any of your memory card or pendrive which is extra for you.You need to always attast it with the usb port and you must not use it.Now,best if you have formatted it.That's because you could use the full memory as an extra ram.Go to it's properties.go to tab ready boost.Mark "use this drive".Increase the reserved memory as much as possible.

click you're done.Remember:don't remove this drive.

If you want to remove the drive,go to properties>ready boost>do not use this device>ok! can also boost your pc storage increasing virtual memory in:

my computer>properties>advance system settings>advance>performance(settings)>advance>virtual memory(change)>custom size(standard size is 8GB to 20GB)>set.........(don't re-size the system drive!)

5.Disable startup applications.
Go to run(windows key+r). Type msconfig, hit enter(click yes if ask for administrator  privilege). When system configuration opens, go to tab startup. Here are all the applications (with check mark) which start at the time of starting the computer, and then these applications run in the background and slow down your computer. So you should only allow the applications you need must and let the other applications not to start at the time of startup(NOTE: YOU CAN MANUALLY START ANY APPLICATION AFTER TURNING ON YOUR COMPUTER)

6.Use any kind of software,but remember,you should use only one from the thousands of ram boosting software.Here's a few download link,try any one of this:

Only for experts!! 

7.Disable startup services:
Though you have disabled starting automatically of many applications, the services of many applications still start at the time of logon. So you need to disable the services you don't need.
Go to  search in the control panel and search for view local services. Open it, when services window comes up, sort the services according to startup type by clicking startup type. Now, if you really know which services are not necessary for you or annoying to you, then disable the automatic startup of that service. For this:
Right click on a service, click on properties then start up type manual

8.Go to  search in control panel and search for  performance information and tools. Open it and go to advanced tools(on the left side. If there is any performance issue or solutions, it will be found on the top of the page and follow it.

9.Go to  search in control panel and search for turn automatic updating on or off. Open it and set to never install updates automatically also the recommended updates.


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