How to Fix the Speech Recognition "Language Configuration is Not Supported" Error

sometimes it shows "Language Configuration is Not Supported" when you try to start speech can fix this problem in a few different ways listed bellow.

solution 1:
It's the final solution..
add "ctfmon.exe to run at startup"
click here to download it named "Run_ctfmon_at_Startup.reg"

Just double click this file and press yes
it will be saved in the registry

[to undo it:  click here to download this file  named "Undo_Run_ctfmon_at_Startup.reg"and double click and press yes]

don't forget to restart your computer to apply the changes !

solution 2:
Set speech properties language match to your regional language setting(you will find it in:Control Panel>Clock, Language, and Region>region and language,change your location and language into same value)

[please also try setting different locations and languages]
restart your computer

solution 3:

Create new "speech recognition profile"
go to :- Control Panel>Ease of Access>Speech Recognition>Advance Speech Option(here you will see "speech properties")
recognition profiles>new
enter any name
save it(you can also train your profile to get better experiment)

Hope you found it  working!

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